Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck
Category - Pallet Trucks
Specifications / Features
Quantity : 02
A pallet jack, also known as a pallet truck, pump truck, or jigger is a tool used to lift and move pallets. The front wheels are mounted inside the end of the forks, and as the hydraulic jack is raised, the forks are separated vertically from the front wheels, forcing the load upward until it clears the floor. The pallet is only lifted enough to clear the floor for subsequent travel.
Category - Stackers
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Quantity : 04
A stacker is a large machine used in bulk material handling. Its function is to pile bulk material such as limestone, ores and cereals on to a stockpile. A reclaimer can be used to recover the material.
Category - Forklifts
Forklift 1000Kg- 08, Forklift Trucks- 10, Forklifts- 12
Total Quantity: 30
Forklift 1000Kg (08) Product Code : 08 : We hold proficiency in delivering installation and after sales services to our clients for varied kinds of forklifts. Also known as IC engine trucks, these economical and powerful forklifts are capable of providing precisely the right machine for any application. These forklifts are easy to operate, untiring and safe as these are provided with ergonomically designed seats.
Forklift Truck (10) Product Code : 10 : Forklift trucks are available in many variations and load capacities. In a typical warehouse setting most forklifts used have load capacities between one to five tons. It has a trouble free performance. A variety of fork lift trucks are available with same gradients but different battery volting.
Forklift Parts & Accessories
Heavy Equipments, Components, Spare Parts
Spare Parts: 03, Components:04, Heavy Equipments:05, Spare parts: 06
Total Quantity : 18 / Product Code:03
Forklift Spare Parts : When it comes to manufacture high quality forklift spare parts and components, we are a widely recognized name in the national markets. While fabricating these forklift spare parts, we consider the ISO guidelines, which makes them most sought after amongst our clients.Fork lift Bearings : We are offering fork lift bearings. Fork lift Bearings are designed and manufactured to rigid quality standards. A wide variety of specifications are available to meet various requirements. Customer drawings and samples are welcome.
Material Handling Equipment
AccuTilt Forklift Fork Level Indicator
Specifications / Features
The Accu-Tilt shows the forklift operator the level of the forks at all times thereby reducing potential damage by piercing product or racking and increasing productivity by eliminating the guess work.
Forklift Impact Sensor
TotalTrax provides three versions of ImpactManager
ImpactManager RF, ImpactManager ID, and ImpactManager SC
Unauthorized or careless operation of material handling equipment creates unnecessary costs for your business. TotalTrax ImpactManager® monitors reduce damage-related costs and enable your business to operate more safely by controlling access, monitoring usage, and detecting impacts.